Landlord Types

The archetypal multi-property “professional” landlord probably only accounts for about half of all landlords. The rest come in all shapes and sizes. Which of the following are you?


  1. The Accidental landlord

This is a homeowner who would ideally have sold, but has decided to rent instead. Perhaps the market is not strong enough to support a convenient price or timescale. Usually regarded as a short-term fix, many serial investors started out as accidental landlords.


  1. The “Pension” landlord:

Traditional pension investment schemes have proved unreliable or have provided disappointing returns. Buy-to-let property investments typically yield over 6% pa, plus impressive long-term capital appreciation, and can be leveraged with a mortgage. This is a long-term investment, but highly attractive to those in their 30s and 40s.


  1. The “Parent” landlord:

Many parents fork out huge amounts in rent during their children’s university years. A smart alternative can be to buy an investment property in the relevant town instead. The rent received from rooms let out to your child’s student friends can often cover any mortgage and your own child may be able to effectively stay there rent free! These investments are in constant demand from the parents of future students so tend to be quite easy to sell on, but do remember the SDLT implications, hopefully covered by capital appreciation during the time your child was boozing studying.


  1. The “Inheritance” landlord:

When someone inherits a property, it is probably an unexpected windfall, with no pressing need to realise the asset. During the probate period the executors can often let the property immediately, providing the estate with an immediate income and capital gain, although bear in mind that an inherited property often needs refurbishing prior to rental.


We are acutely aware of the differing needs and motivations of every landlord in our portfolio. That’s why we take such a tailored approach to property letting and management – why not contact us on 01227 362248 to find out more? You might be pleasantly surprised! 

Posted By Teresa Henson