Property Management

A professional property management firm can provide landlords several key benefits that can be linked directly to saving money.

Owning a rental property can be a rewarding experience as it often generates a steady income. However, a rental property only generates income when a landlord has good tenants who pay their rent on time and do not cause property damage.

Many landlords opt for a management service especially those who own multiple properties, by employing a professional management agent such as David Clarke Letting Agents. Our landlords know they are getting tenants that pay on time and take better care of their properties.

We help landlords comply with all legislation including changes as they occur and have client money protection which is only available to members of the National Federation of Property Professionals.
All our services are carried out by professionally trained and experienced staff from our office premises where landlords can contact us seven days a week. We do not use third party companies or outsource the managing of your property. David Clarke letting agent is your local property expert and managing agent.

We offer three levels of letting service. A general summary of each option is detailed below, with each choice tailored to meet the demands of both the experienced landlord and also those who are new to lettings.

Service options for landlords:

Full Management

This service is very popular with landlords wanting complete peace of mind and no contact with the tenants.

Having found suitable tenants, we will:

• Carry out a rigorous referencing process to ensure that the tenants can afford the rent and are credit worthy
• Right to rent. Right to rent means simply that the occupier has a right to rent a property in the UK. Anyone without it is disqualified from renting. This can be broken down into two different groups, permanent and time-limited rights to rent. Each has different requirements.
• Check to see that they have a good record with their existing landlord if applicable
• Carry out a thorough inventory of the property before being let, whether it is furnished or unfurnished
• Prepare the tenancy agreement and serve the necessary deposit protection paperwork

During the tenancy, we will:

• Receive the monthly rent from the tenants by standing order
• Undertake regular property inspections
• Carry out check-outs at the end of the tenancy
• Deal with any day-to-day management issues that arise in connection with the maintenance of the property
• If required, instruct the relevant trades person to carry out repairs
• Also, serve all the appropriate legal notices on behalf of the landlord
• Notify all the utility companies of the change of occupant

Included with our management service is our e-propertyfile, accessed through our website which gives landlords instant online account access from any device and any location, helping you to manage your property portfolio securely online.

ePropertyFile has many features and works on every device. Contact us for more information.

Rent Administration

This choice is popular with experienced landlords who live locally and are happy to liaise with the tenants regarding any maintenance issues.
We will undertake all the pre-start of tenancy tasks as with the full management. We will also:

• Market the property
• Carry out the same referencing procedure as with full management
• Prepare all the paperwork prior to the tenants moving in
• Prepare the tenancy agreement and serve the necessary deposit protection paperwork
• Prepare the inventory
• Serve the appropriate legal notices on the tenants, so that possession can be obtained at the end of the tenancy
• Carry out the “check-out” after the tenants have vacated
• Negotiate the reconciliation of the deposit

Service Fees

Full management fee 10% of term rent due
Rent collection 7.5% of term rent due

Tenant Introduction or Set Up

This option is usually taken up by the experienced landlord who is familiar with tenancy law and property management.
In addition to marketing the property, we would reference the tenants and prepare the tenancy agreement. After that, the landlord deals with all maintenance issues and the serving of legal notices.