July Market Comment

July 2021 Market Comment

What a crazy summer to date, with Zoopla predicting a record 1.5m property transactions this year – that’s up 45% on last year! The unexpected consequences of the pandemic and the Stamp Duty concession following right on the heals of that Brexit-related stalling market, pushed the market into a frenzy. (Although it’s interesting to note

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Pet Sale

Sometimes we have to point out a few home truths if we are to enhance our client’s chances of selling quickly, and for an excellent price! Some homeowners spend thousands of pounds improving their property before going to market, yet can be oblivious to issues that prospective purchasers could regard

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Showing Buyers Round pt2

Some people feel that houses should be able to “sell themselves” and do not need to be “shown” by estate agents. Whilst this may be true of certain exceptional homes, or where achieving the optimum price is not an issue, most properties require the skills of a well-trained estate agent if they are to sell

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June 2021 Market Comment

According to e-surv, the average price of a home in England and Wales stood at £343,658 last month – up 0.5% on the previous month and 13.4% on the year, the highest year-on-year growth since 2004. We know the market has been flying – but could this be ambitious reporting designed to capture a headline?

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Showing Buyers Round pt1

Some estate agents claim that the seller is the best person to show a property to prospective purchasers.

However, apart from the inevitable awkwardness of inviting strangers into your home, there are sound reasons why good estate agents prefer to accompany buyers around, even though the pandemic has prompted many to rely solely on virtual

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Smarter Ways of Getting Your Price

One of estate agency’s fundamental tasks is to secure the highest price that an able purchaser will pay for your property in a given market. In an ideal world, we would have a hot-line to The National Lottery who would feed us with a regular supply of winners prepared to pay ridiculous prices for modest

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May 2021 Market Comment

Welcome to the May 2021 Property Market Comment. The cherry blossom is always a reminder of the very peak of spring, and indeed of the annual boost to the property market. Certainly, this year has seen more intense activity than most of us in the property sector can remember.
However, when we speak about the

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Register Direct

There’s no question about it, buyers visit property portals like Rightmove and OnTheMarket because they provide easily-searched access to properties currently available for sale. Or do they?

Certainly property portals are efficient and estate agents have embraced them for many years as being an important addition to their marketing toolbox. On the surface, people no

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Should Have Sold

We are often asked to look at properties that really should have sold, but haven’t, and we understand the disappointment of vendors whose experience of the sales process has fallen short of their expectations.

This disappointment can sometimes be the result of simply not knowing where you stand. We find that enthusiasm and good communication

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Accompanied Viewings Essential

You may know your property better than anyone else, but when the time comes to sell it, a well-trained sales negotiator will maximise your chances of success, for the following reasons:
The heart!The buyer’s initial objective is simply to get a feel for the property, asking themselves “could we be happy here?” In order to

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Why Overpricing Is Counter-Productive

As a seller, it is tempting to accept the highest estate agent’s “valuation” you receive. However, there are three sound reasons why you should avoid overpricing your home initially, as overpriced property often ends up selling for less than it otherwise might have.

Buyers buy by comparison. Why should they buy your house if it

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April 2021 Market Comment

Welcome to the April 2021 Property Market Comment. The government’s decision to extend both the stamp duty holiday and the furlough scheme, as well as their new guarantee for high loan-to-value mortgages, have played their part in reducing uncertainty and boosting confidence.

Add to that the easing of lockdown, world-class rollout of the vaccine, impressive

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March 2021 Market Comment

Welcome to the March 2021 Property Market Comment, following a very eagerly awaited budget. Fortunately for the property market, there was no immediate bad news at all, especially in respect of the much-publicised Stamp Duty deadline.
In a nutshell, nine months ago, the government sought to bolster the economy by helping the property market, by

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February 2021 Market Comment

As we all battle through the current lockdown in our own way, the property market is surprisingly buoyant. This is perhaps inevitable as we are still playing catch-up from the restrictions of the first lockdown when sales transaction numbers plunged by around 50%.
But current market activity remains incredibly high, despite the fact that anyone

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Quick Tips

First impressions are not only important when selling your home, they are absolutely critical. When people come to view a property for the first time, they are unlikely to be scrutinising the unseen. They are simply trying to get a feel for the property. They will be bombarded with mostly visual impressions, many of which

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The Meaning of Service

Most estate agents see their role solely as a “purveyor of buyers”, and they understandably pride themselves on their ability to find the right buyer for a property and to negotiate attractive terms for the seller. But estate agency has moved on. Indeed, finding a buyer is arguably one of the most straightforward aspects of

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