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Getting Personal Through Technology

The opportunities opened up by technology in estate agency have been enormous, yet many local agents simply use their website as a glorified shop window. Like any agency window, the properties displayed need to be regularly updated and presented in a way that inspires buyers to take things further.

But a good estate agency website is more than a simple property search tool. If that’s all it did, it would be a bit like only being able to get the news on TV!

The first thing many prospective sellers do is check out local agents’ websites. Does the home page give a clear impression of the “personality” of that particular agency? A list of features is one thing, but does it highlight the people behind the business and the company ethos? Are these things also reflected across deeply engaging social media activities?

Going beyond this, our website is fast becoming pivotal to the management of ongoing sales. It allows buyers and sellers to track the progress of their sale in real time on-line! Add to this the ability to email and SMS property details including pictures and floor plans directly to a buyer’s smart phone, PC or iPad and we have a system that is way beyond the norm for East Kent.

However, the most important benefit derived from our huge investment in technology is the amount of time released by our enhanced efficiency. Because the system captures and automatically matches buyers to properties (within our manually predetermined parameters) we have more time available to do what we do best – look after our customers through personal communication.

Therefore, and somewhat ironically, our use of technology has streamlined us to the extent that we have been able return to, and develop, the traditional service levels appreciated by so many of our delighted customers to date. Why not contact us for an informal chat about how we could maximise your own sale prospects?

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