When you instruct an estate agent to sell your home, you naturally want them to promote it in its best light. But what does this actually mean?

Many people would expect their agent to produce property particulars that are an accurate and comprehensive guide to the property, be this hard copy or online. However, too much detail can actually work against you.

Remember, the purpose of property details is to prompt buyers to view your home. At this stage in their search, buyers are only interested in the major attributes of a property – where it is, how big it is, how much it is, what it looks like and how do they view it? Almost everything else is superfluous. If you provide this minimal information and it fits their search criteria, the buyer will want to visit the property. They are not interested in the type of boiler, number of power points, style of bathroom suite, make of cooker or whether there is a mat-well in the hall. All these have little bearing on whether they will buy the property, and even less on whether they will view it.

By telling people about things they may not like, some agents’ details can even deter buyers from viewing a property they might otherwise have bought, despite the fact that they would have preferred a white bathroom suite to the avocado one!

And if you do have some feature you feel is worth promoting, then keep it up your sleeve for the second viewing – as this is the time when people are looking for reasons not to buy your home and the low voltage lighting system they didn’t notice the first time round might just offset their feelings about the tiles about which they are not so keen.

In terms of property particulars, less can so often be more! If you’re considering a sale, why not ask us what other methods we have for getting you moving, on 01227 362248.

Posted By David Jeavons

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